SR22 Insurance Glendale, AZEvery so often someone will need an SR22 filing in Arizona, also known as high-risk insurance. The SR22 is a form that is filed with the state and guarantees them that you have purchased insurance. If you should let your insurance lapse, the insurance company would promptly notify the state with a SR26 form that rescinds their SR22 form. We can help you with your SR22 Insurance needs.

SR22 Insurance is typically more expensive than standard auto insurance. With the exception of the SR22 form, there is no difference in the coverages that are available to you. Some insurance companies, however, may refuse to write a policy for someone who needs an SR22 filing. Additionally, your existing insurance company may cancel your insurance if you need an SR22 while you’re insured with them.

The reasons that people get an SR22 in Arizona may vary, but some reasons include:

  •        Receive a Driving Under the Influence ticket
  •        Too many speeding tickets
  •        Reckless Driving conviction
  •        Too many accidents

And more.

It is important to understand that receiving an SR22 is not the end of the world! We make the SR22 process easily and have companies that will file directly with the state. You can even often leave our offices directly with an SR22 form.